Social Media Marketing

With the new social media platforms available brands are able to build brand recognition and brand awareness quickly. Although it may be quick not all of them survive through social media. There are things you can do to survive and that entails engaging with your customers and playing off their emotional responses.

Social media marketing is a great way to reach out to your target market and get them engaged in your brand and provide them with information to solidify brand recognition. When consumers see other consumers engaging on social media it is spreading your brand recognition. If you can maintain enough engagement you are ensuring that potential customers are seeing what you and your brand have to offer and it is a good way to persuade potential costumers to become of your brand family.

There are many posts that I have seen on many social media platforms that give me the desire to see what their brand is about. One of the main actions in marketing is to create the interest to make a potential customer take positive action with your brand. Once they have taken that action they are given the opportunity to develop their own opinion. If their opinions are positive you can bet that they to will engage with your brand on social media increasing the possibility of new customers experimenting with their ‘norm’ and becoming a brand user.

Social media is place where many brands take advantage of the high user rates and use contests and give aways to promote their brand or event. You can see many brands accept photos and such, linking through the popular #hashtag, as one way to enter into a contest. The contest rules are usually posted on one specific web page or social media and contestants can enter one various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. More often than not, Pinterest is the tool selected to bring all the contestant entries together from all the other social media sites. This give the contestants the opportunity to view other entries and will give users an idea of how big the social media contest really is.

When you are an individual living in a small community on the west coast you do not always consider that someone in another country has taken the time to enter the ssame social media contest that you did. This is why it is a good idea to have intertwining links to as many social media sites as you can, considering they are also being used for the same contest or event.

I would suggest having multiple social media platforms available to your customers to use and engage in a fun activity. The more fun you can make it the more successful your earned media can be. Good luck and have fun creating your next social media marketing campaign!

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