Domain Names

A domain name is an extension of your online presence, it is how your website will be identified on the Internet. Your customers will be able to find you online when they search and type in key words contained in your domain name therefore it is very important to consider words that are specific to your brand. Selecting the right words will increase traffic to your pages, how can you go wrong when the rights words will increase views and contribute to your brand recognition? You can’t! So select wisely.

There are many domain extensions, such as .com, .ca, .org, .net, .cn, .uk, .social, etc. and it may be advisable to register your domain name on several domain extensions. If you are creating a domain name, for instance, and you only register on the .com domain extension anyone can register and potentially ruin your brand. Therefore, it is important to put thought and effort into creating your domain name and then determine if it is in your best interest to register on any other domain extension.

Of course there are many brands that must register over many domain extensions because of the size of their brand but for many start up brands it may not seem so obvious. There are many things start up brands must consider, for example expected growth rate and cash flow, because when a brand is just starting out the cash flow is very limited but if you grow faster than expected and another brand registers your .com domain name on the other domain extensions they have the ability to hold your domain extensions hostage and demand a large ransom.

It is very important to consider words related to your brand and register them as well, even if you do not plan to utilize these domains it is important to have them under your control so others do not have access to them. If someone does register a domain name that relates to or sounds like your domain name you have lost domain name control. Is the effort to keep costs down worth the risk to allow others to have leverage over you and your brand? Like mentioned previously AG is how I registered, if I had thought things through I would have registered and .ca plus I would have also registered and .ca even if I had no intention of using all of the domains to grow my business. At least if I had registered all of those domain names no one would be able to buy and control them.

Although your domain name is an extension of your brand and its products it is important to keep it simple. Although you must ensure your domain name is related to your business keeping things simple will give you an advantage when potential consumers are searching online and some of the words they are searching describe your brand. Keeping it simple increase the possibility that new consumers will land on your page and make a purchase.

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